Exploring the Best Place to Eat in Calgary

Exploring the Best Place to Eat in Calgary

Exploring the Best Place to Eat in Calgary

Lunch makes up a very important meal of our day, providing nutrition for the loss of energy after morning activities and providing fuel to carry on the activities for the day ahead. In a city like Calgary, where eating options are plenty one can easily get confused about which place to pick, finding the best place to eat is like finding a treasure trove of flavours. If you are looking to try something new for lunch in Calgary, look no further than authentic Nepalese cuisine. 

Nepalese food in Calgary is a tapestry of the country’s rich culinary heritage and unique recipes passed down through generations. The cuisine is characterised by unique ingredients from different regions of Nepal that add texture and flavour to each dish. In this article, we will explore the world of Nepalese cuisine and why Calgary Momo House is the best place to eat in Calgary

Popularity of Nepalese Cuisine in Calgary

Several compelling reasons are contributing to the popularity of Nepalese cuisine in Calgary. Here are some reasons why this Asian food in Calgary is so popular:

Different Flavours- The popularity of this cuisine can be attributed to its diverse flavours, showcasing a blend of different Southeast Asian flavours. 

Traditional Practices- The best places to eat in Calgary for Nepali food use several traditional cooking and preparation methods, adding depth and flavour to the dishes.  

Vegetarian and Vegan Picks- Asian food in Calgary stands out for its popularity, especially because it offers a range of vegetarian and vegan choices. With dishes like Dal Bhat and other lentil-based options, it goes well with the different tastes in the city, making the cuisine widely loved.

Cultural Experiences- Himalayan food in Calgary provides more than just a meal; it offers a cultural dining experience. Through traditional decor, preparation methods, music, and attentive service, we create an immersive atmosphere that adds to the overall appeal of Nepali cuisine. 

Positive Customer Reviews- Another important factor responsible for elevating the popularity of Asian food in Calgary is due to positive customer feedback and reviews. Positive word of mouth contributes to promoting an interest and curiosity for trying this delicacy.  

Best Asian Food in Calgary for Lunch

Asian food in Calgary is a blend of different regional and international flavours contributing to the diversity and uniqueness of this cuisine. Let’s have a look at some of the best traditional Nepali dishes in Calgary:

Mutton- Timur Momo- If you are looking to try the best dumplings in Calgary, do not miss out on the delicious and unique flavours of mutton Timur Momo. This traditional Nepali dish features tender chunks of mutton marinated in flavourful Szechuan pepper wrapped in a thin dough. They are then steamed or fried to perfection and served with an assortment of dipping sauces. 

Soya Chapp Choila- A delicious vegan option, the Soya Chapp Choila is a Nepali dish featuring chunks of soya chapp marinated in a blend of herbs and spices including mustard oil, ginger, and garlic. Pan-fried and grilled to perfection the dish is meat-free and a protein pack delight.

Thukpa Chicken- The Chicken Thukpa is among the most popular Nepali dishes in Calgary. This soul-warming bowl of comfort features Nepali noodles in a blend of flavourful broth, chunks of tender chicken, herbs and spices. It makes up for a healthy and delicious Nepali lunch option in Calgary. 

Sukti Chowmein- Our restaurant is among the best places to eat in Calgary offering classics like Sukti chowmein. This delicious dish features stir-fried Nepali noodles tossed in dried and spiced meat called Sukti. The sukuti helps add a unique and rich flavour to the noodles, creating a wholesome lunch option. 

Sekuwa–Goat- Another classic and favourite Himalayan food in Calgary, the Sekuwa-Goat features tender pieces of goat meat marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection over an open flame. The ingredients used in the preparation of the marinade include ginger, cumin, garlic, coriander, turmeric, and chilli powder. These spices put a distinct flavour to the meat. 

Macha Tareko- A dish for seafood lovers, the Macha Tareko features pieces of tender fish marinated in a blend of spices. Deep-fried to perfection the dish is served with fresh herbs and lemon wedges.  

Calgary Momo House: The Best Place To Eat for Lunch In Calgary

With a passion for crafting the best Nepali dishes in Calgary, our restaurant is ranked among the best places to eat for lunch in Calgary. Our team of skilled servers and expert chefs are well-versed in crafting mouth-watering delicacies for you and your friends along with offering an experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Our passion for crafting authentic Nepali dishes in Calgary is deeply rooted in our dedication to bringing the rich culinary heritage of the Himalayan region to light. With attentiveness to our customer's dietary preferences and unique tastes, we aim to offer you an immersive and social experience in the heart of Nepali cuisine at the best place to eat in Calgary.  


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Where to start... been wanting to try Calgary Momo House since they opened. Finally drove up from the south in -45!

Nelly B

My friend suggested @calgarymomohouse for our lunch date today. We got the chicken momo platter to share and got to try a little bit of everything- fried momo, tandoori momo, chili momo.

Tahir If

Variety of selection for dumplings with vegetarian and meat options. Tandoori and chilli momos were quite flavourful. Haven’t tried the indo Chinese but menu had a decent selection.


I loved everything about this place! The lady who worked there was so nice. The food was amazing and good portion. Freshly made and great taste